Asus G73 laptop overheating on high end games and shutting down.

So this has never really been an issue before until just recently. My HD got so corrupted that I had to reformat the drive and reinstall all the recovery components. After doing all this I was reinstalling games back onto my system and have been having some intermittent issues with shutting down which just recently got worse. When playing games like Sims 3 or Dungeons, games that are graphically intense and larger, the computer now will shut off within 6-10 minutes. No graphic anomalies, and I am able to turn it right back on without the computer baring me due to an overheated system. The system doesnt shut down when running movies, or playing games like fallout 1 or other 16 bit games. I ran hardware monitor and speed fan when I was running dungeons and got the following data:

HW monitor reports:
Min/Max C
Therm: 57 / 72

Intel core i7 720QM
Core0 58 / 73
Core1 55 / 69
Core2 55 / 70
Core3 58/74

ST950042 0AS
Assembly 44 / 47
Air Flow 44 / 47

ATI Mobility Radeon HD 5870
TMPIN0 76 / 109

Speed Fan reports:
Speed fan only sees one CPU Fan running at a range of 2800-3500 RPM, However my laptop has two fans within it, should it be reporting 2 CPU Fans?
When running dungeons, the fan jumps to 4700RPM
The GPU temp is normally 76C but when running dungeons it jumps to 109C

Im running an Asus G73Jh gaming laptop. The BIOS is version 8.00.10, Intel core i7 CPU Q 720 @ 1.60GHz
Memory: 6144 mb ram
HD 500gb 281gb of 446gb free
OS: Windows 7 Home premium 64bit 6.1 build 7601

My question is whether or not one of my fans isnt working anymore (Which happened a year ago and I had to replace it), or is something else going on that isnt kicking my fans on to cool the system down for gaming? I dont tend to hear the fans whirring loudly anymore like they sort of did before when things got a little too hot.
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  1. Yeah it sounds like one of the fans has stopped working but theres no way I can see it and know for sure from here. I'm afraid your going to have to do the legwork and check it.
  2. Send the laptop to the nearest service center.
    They will fix it up for you.
    The Temp for the GPU is too high for it run properly.
  3. Well ive opened it up before. So i may just need to take it apart and run it on high en with the fans exposed, then I can see which one isnt working maybe?
  4. My sister's laptop started shutting down "randomly" a few weeks ago. When I visited her last week, I removed the fans and there were large dust bunnies filling the blower fans. With the dust bunnies safely relocated to the nearest trash can, her laptop is now back to normal.
  5. If the fan is blowing you should feel hot air coming right of the vents.
    If you feel nothing then the fan is probably dead.
  6. unreal9400 said:
    If you feel nothing then the fan is probably dead.

    Not necessarily. The fan can still be turning but the exhaust be clogged by lint/dust/hair/etc. hidden inside the fan's duct.
  7. Well I had it open a few weeks ago and was dusting it while I was doing other repairs, so it may be a loose connection but I didnt see any bunnies. I feel more hot air coming out of the right fan than I do the left fan but there is a slight amount of heat from the left. Maybe the fan isnt blowing but the heat is just diffusing out naturally causing the left heat? Unfortunately I only hear blowing from the center of the computer so I cant hear which side is working or not. Im nervous running it while completely open to tell if its working or not.
  8. The left fan is the CPU fan, since your CPU is running in totally acceptable temp ranges, the fan isn't ramping up (which is fine). The right hand fan is the GPU, and from the look of your temps there is either a dust clog or the thermal paste needs replacing. Since you said you've opened up the computer I assume you know how to do this, if not here is a great link on taking the machine apart.
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