2 cases: CM Storm Enforcer or DIYPC Adventurer-9601R

Hiya, so here are the two cases that I could use some help choosing between :>

Cooler Master CM Storm Enforcer:

DIYPC Adventurer-9601R:

Originally I was going to go with the Enforcer, but with the recent combo deal featuring the DIYPC case and the mobo I was going to get, I thought I could save myself a little money. Would I be sacrificing anything?
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  1. Enforcer. My gaming build in it is rock solid fantastic.
  2. Aside from the flashy "gamer" look that I'm not into, I'm really tempted also to get this same combo with motherboard, it's only 55$ with combo discount! It looks like it has an ESATA port up top with a cup holder for harddrives, very cool and the fan switched on top look cool also. I was looking at getting a FRACTAL R4 before I saw this and it has some of the same features for less.

    My main concern is about the quality of the build on this case, I can see that other DIYPC cases rated on NEWEGG got pretty poor marks for quality of materials and actual shipping condition brand new. This may be a product of the shipping method because this case is fairly cheaply shipped from China to US

    Anyone have any experience with this case? Do the drive cages come out? Are they're any fan screens on front panel? Do all your bottons on the outside still work?
  3. Heh, I just assumed that this post would get buried and not see the light of day again

    However i ended up actually not picking either of these two cases haha. I decided to go with the NZXT Phantom 410. While it may be out of your budget range, I made a few cuts here and there and spent the extra ~$30.

    Mainly I just thought the 410 was just such an attractive case, and I was iffy on the DIYPC case's quality.

    However, if i were to choose between the two now, I would just say the enforcer. Mainly the reason why I shyed away from it originally was because I just have this serious pet peeve about the case looking really plastic-y.
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