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Anyone else think about for the gtx 680?

Im under the influence

hah that they have not gotten any shipment yet so maybe place the order now, and hopefully they get the card on monday
They have gotten very few orders I called aroung 10pm and confirmed im #2 in line for the galaxy verisons so they should have some more spots ready it just all depend on when they are getting the dam cards I cant find out anywheres
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More about anyone frys
  1. Just curious, why are you concerned about buying from Frys? This is at least your third thread about this topic...
  2. I realize the spammage and annoyance this is but im so curious as to when they will get their shipment and send it to me because everyone else is sold out, but frys hasnt even sent one yet to anyone so i think they honestly might be the sweetspot to order from before waiting for the april batch to come in and newegg or td to restock (they sell out instantly so chances are slim anyways unless they get a huge pile soon! just trying to help people out possibly if this any help
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    I don't see why not to order from them. Like you said, Newegg will sell out in a few hours when they go back in stock.

    I'd say your 100% correct saying it's the sweetspot to order!
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  5. Thank you sir ! I will call in the a.m and repost also providing any updates I get or I'll let you guys know Monday what the status is
  6. Awesome! Good luck with your (hopefully) new card :)
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