Good or bad Cinebench scores 980x

So I was running Cinebench and at stock 3.3ghz my 980x scores a constant 9.16 the first run was 8.90 I have run the Bench many times and it always scores 9.13-9.16 not any higher or lower. Is that good ? @3.7ghz the score is 10.50. I pushed the overclock to 4.2ghz and the score went to 11.65. I have no ide what a good or bad score is but I assume mine isnt the worse. I dont want to push my CPU any further 4.2 with my new cooler my cpu is maxing at 72c max load with prime95 running for 5 hours. I am aware my cpu is old so if the score sucks for 6 core sorry I spend 1k every 3 to four years max I dont want a 2600k so be nice.
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  1. Yes I said 2600k and not 3960x as most people tend to brag about the 2600k whooping everythings ass even the 3770k ect. I will upgrade when or if they ever release a ivy bridge extreme.
  2. I just got 10.91 @ 4.3GHz although I have lots of things running.
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