1400-1800 range, first build, need feedback

Approximate Purchase Date: In one or two weeks

Budget Range: 1400-1800, would feel more comfortable in the 1700'ish

System Usage from Most to Least Important: Finite elements modelling, matlab use, 3D CAD, gaming, watching movies.

Parts Not Required: Mouse, keyboard, monitor, OS (Yarr harr)

Preferred Website(s) for Parts: don't really have much preference for any

Country: Chile (I'd be importing them here, it's much cheaper)

Parts Preferences: As long as it runs smoothly

Overclocking: A little bit, yes

SLI or Crossfire: Maybe, considering it

Monitor Resolution: 1920x1080

Additional Comments: It'd be nice to have a quiet pc, don't care much about the looks, it's more about performance for me.

here's the list of parts that i've researched so far (I'm kind of new to this so please just bare with me)

Are two GTX 670 a good choice for me or is it overkill?
should i consider getting an I7 processor?
thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have :)
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  1. Solid build. Everything looks pretty good.

    I would say two GTX 670 is overkill. 1 is plenty to play game right now with 60+ fps with max settings.

    I would suggest the I7 for you cause of the hyper-threading. It will help for you modelling and 3D CAD
  2. is the difference made by hyperthreading that relevant? and would you suggest getting a single gtx 680 and an i7 3770 instead of two 670's and an i5 3750k?
  3. The GTX 680 is almost identical to the 670, the 680 on the benchmarks is 5% better for an extra $100. I would stick with 1 670, could overclock it and have it be better then a stock 680.

    For the 3D modelling the hyper threading would make it quicker and smoother. Thats the only difference between the I5 and I7 really.

    I would suggest get a 670 and I7 for your build.
  4. So this would be the build so far

    i just have 2 questions regarding the PSU and SSD's

    would it be a good idea to downgrade the PSU to 650-700W ? or should i keep it at 750W for future builds? and do you think i would really benefit from getting an SSD's? Because i've been looking to Samsung 830 90Gb and i dunno if it's worth it spending $100 in a boot disk

    Thanks in advance :)
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    I would keep the 750W for future upgrades and possible SLI in the future. Will save you buying a whole new PSU in the future.

    I would go for an SSD for your OS and games. Your boot time will be extremely fast and same with load times. There are cheaper ones too that are just as reliable. I would look into the Mushkin or the Crucial M4.
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