Lian Li x2000F Vs. Azza Cases

Recently i have been looking into cases and i fell in love with the Lian Li x2000f but its quite expensive, i was wondering if Azza is a good brand and quality case like what lian li appears to be, the Azza cases look nice and roomy, definitely space for lots of fans.

I guess in general my question is quality of case and room for expansion, my current set up i have is this :

Would all that fit into an Azza Full tower case.

I am looking more into Full ATX, the larger cases, i prefer the room.
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  1. Azza is not a great maker of cases. Lian Li, on the other hand, is a great maker of cases.

    - Edit - Deleted some stuff because I clearly am not super familiar with Azza cases other than to know they aren't very popular.

    The Antec 900, the Cooler Master HAF 932 and HAF X, and the Corsair Carbide and Graphite 600s are all very popular high end cases. NZXT makes a lot of really good cases too.

    I would stick with Antec, Cooler Master, Corsair, NZXT, or Lian Li, though, if I were you.

    Other makers may have good ones here and there, but those tend to be the most popular and for good reason.
  2. AZZA cases with bottom mounted PSU bays:
    Armour 203
    Fantom 900
    Fusion 3000
    Fusion 4000 (same as the Fusion 3000, but with an extra case on top)
    Genesis 9000W / 9000B
    Helios 910
    Hurrican 2000 / 2000R
    Orion 201Evo / 202Evo
    Solano 1000 / 1000R
    Spartan 101E / 102E
    Toledo 301
    Triton 401

    Those are actually all the AZZA cases in my research notes, so I've actually yet to find an AZZA case with a top mounted PSU bay.

    Out of all their cases about the only one I'd buy is the Hurrican 2000 / 2000R.
  3. I must be thinking of a different brand then.

    Ignore what I said about the top mount thing and continue not to get Azza cases anyway.
  4. Haha, thank you both for the input, i will just stick with Lian Li then.
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