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Hey everyone,

I picked up a second GTX 470 with the intention of pairing it with my existing one. However, I've run into a problem. My 750W PSU doesn't have 4 free molex connectors, so I have no way of connecting two of the dual molex to GPU adapter cables to my second card. It only has 3 connectors I can use, so I'm just one short.

What should I do?

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  1. why are you using molex adapters, i know why they are used but i cannot fathom a 750w PSU being short on PCI connectors.
  2. Let's just say you get what you pay for...any ideas about what I can do?
  3. what PSU do you have?
  4. wow . . .i am sorry.

    i was really gonna stretch it and figure something out, even with a "do NOT try this at home" disclaimer but that if not a sli friendly PSU at all.

    but the:
    6 Pin PCI-e Connector x 1

    killed any hope. i am thinking you using the 6 pin AND two molex just to run what you have . .and thats NOT GOOD.
  5. If that's the case, please explain why running a GPU off molex connectors is a bad thing?
  6. your really changing up where the 12 volts are coming from when you use molex "cheaters" a.k.a. "adapters"

    without getting involved in a explanation of the anatomy of a PSU; your putting a large load on a 12 volt supply that was designed to support a small load going to a hard drive or other peripheral.

    you may get away with it with one gfx card that isn't going to cause a large load. but something more substantial like a gtx 470 is a whole different ballgame.

    especially when you are using a "less than high quality" PSU.
  7. Are you willing to damage 2xGTX470s on a cheap psu? I would get a 750W Corsair,seasonic, antec, silverstone....
  8. So your best advice is to get a new power supply? If that's the case, what's a less pricey option? Thanks
  9. You could see if theres a bay drive psu alternative that would be cheeper then a whole psu...
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