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I recently got a harddrive from a friend that got it from his work. Its a Seagate ata 66 4 gig. It has NT workstation installed on it with that nt file struture on it. (ntsf?somethin like that) I hooked it up on my computer, and set the new harddrive as primary slave. My old harddrive is the primary master, and my CDrom drive is the Sec master. (I have the Asus a7v mb) I turned on the computer and went into the bios. I went to the Boot tab and it had the new hard drive as INT18 Device (Networ). My other hard drive shows up as the same, so does floppy and cdrom. So then i switched back to the first tab in the bios to see if the new hard drive as the primary slave. It was, but it called it ST34312A instead of the INT18 device. My old harddrive has the same name in both tabs, so why doesnt this harddrive? Ill let it go into windows and if i open my computer, the new harddrive doesnt show, but if i go to the device manager, it registers 2 harddrives. If i had the NT18 device (which i think is the new harddrive) to be the first thing to boot from, it doesnt do anything, the computer will just skip it and boot from the next device. But when i take out my old harddrive, the computer will boot from the INT18 device and it will load up Win NT. I just want to format this harddrive and use it with my
computer.(i cant get into NT because it wants a pass code. There also is another problem in windows. Ever since i had this new harddrive in the computer, it wont let me use scandisk on my old hard or any program like norton disk doctor. It says this harddrive is not configured properly to use this application. I havent tried takin the new hard out cause i just been lazy, so i will try that when i sign off the internet. I dont understand why it would cause a problem like that. Oh well some of you might have an idea. So how should i fixing these problems?

I have a:
duron 700
asus a7v (bios update 4)
128mbpc 133
8.4 maxtor ata 66 hdd (old drive, has windows 98se on it)
4 gig segate ata 66 hdd ( new drive, has NT on it)
both hard drives are on the same ribbon, connected to the ata 66 primary conector.)
40x cdrom drive
geforce 2 mx
and some other stuff that doesnt matter.

Thanks, Andy
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  1. The difference in the BIOS showing it as two different things in two different places probably means nothing.

    Since the BIOS sees it, and the Device Manager sees it, the most likely reason Windows 98SE can't read your other hard drive is because it is formatted with NTFS, a filing system that 98 can't read (since it is an NT and 2000 specific file system).

    You will probably have to FDISK the new hard drive to remove the NTFS partition and then create a FAT32 or FAT16 partition (both of which 98 can read). You can use FDISK from a command prompt in Windows, or boot into a Windows Startup disk and run it from there.

    Tell it Yes to enable large drive support at the beginning, then remove all partitions on the second hard drive, then have it create a new partition. Then you should be able to format it from there.

    <i>I don't know anything about computers... but I did stay at a Holiday Inn last night...</i> :lol:
  2. ok give it a try... i was thinking that could be a problem.
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