Getting an error after i reformatted

I reformatted my pc today and it booted up just fine. I installed my wireless driver first after installing windows. Then I restarted the pc and it was taking forever to restart. Once it restarted the comp froze so I turned it off using the power button. When it was booting up I got an error message.

I forgot exactly what it said but it was something along these lines:

"Reboot and select proper boot device or insert boot media in selected boot device and press a key"

Then I put in the windows cd and kept pressing keys but it just repeats that same message until my screen is filled with it.

My thoughts on what could be the problem:

1. Maybe the sata cable is bad
2. Maybe the HDD is bad
3. Maybe the power supply can't support this build
4. Maybe I have to plug in those cables that are attached to the case to the motherboard(i only plugged in the pw switch and reset sw.)

What build I have and what testings I have done so far.

I have an AMD quad core build with 2 gb of ram, xfx 8600gts, and cheap 585w power supply that cost less than $30

Take note that I used to use a gt 240 on this build before I sold it. I just recently got this 8600gts 2 days ago which is why I decided to get back on my desktop instead of my laptop.

*so far I tried using 2 different sata cables for the hdd and I get the same problem.
I have even tried using a different hdd and i get the same problem.

I kind of remember having this issue in the past but I forgot what I did to fix it. I know that someone had to have helped me though.

THanks in advance for your time.
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  1. i just went into bios setup and saw on the main page that there is no sata detected O_O. maybe this is it.
  2. Have you tried changing the SATA port to which the HDD is connected on the Mobo? if not , try that.
    Make sure you disconnect the CD/DVD drive from the mobo completely and give it a try, see if the HDD shows up in the BIOS.
    If it does, then shutdown, plug in the CD/DVD drive and reboot into BIOS. See if they both show up there now.
    If they do, then change boot order to DVD/CD first and HDD as second boot device. Disable all the rest.
    Put in your Bootable OS Optical Disc into the ODD and save and exit BIOS.
    Check if you can boot now.
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