Opinion about cheap power supply and socialization

What your opinion about cheap power supply? Because many pre-builted computer from small computer store using cheap quality component (especially PSU) to make them cheaper and making more profit for owner. The owner was noob and they never learning more deeply about computer peripherals and they just basic learning.

And most people on my country cheap power supply was worth it for them because they just browsing or typing. But what about quality?

And I got trouble to socialization to other because I can't go out everyday and I can socialization to my friend only.

And what solution for power supply and they don't want to forced to using quality power supply because it only using for gaming purpose (I think)
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  1. Cheap PSUs are horrible, always.

    You may be able to get by with them using a low end computer, but even in a low end computer they are still horrible.

    My wife doesn't even have a video card in her PC (she is using 3570k built in graphics) and I still give her a Corsair CX430 PSU which is a very high quality low wattage PSU.

    Cheapy PSUs can cause serious damage to components over the long term through poor voltage regulation and ripple/noise. Additionally, all PSUs can outright fail and when that happens any component connected to the PSU can be instantly destroyed. That failure takes much longer to happen on average with high quality PSUs.

    I couldn't suggest to anyone to use a cheapy PSU in good conscience regardless of what wattage it says on the box and how little that I think the PC will actually use.

    Quality PSUs are for everybody. Low end PCs should have high quality low wattage PSUs and high end PCs should have high quality high wattage PSUs.
  2. +1^
  3. I recommend keeping an eye out for sales. Often quality PSU's can be had for really good prices making them nearly the cost of a poor quality unit. The cx 430 was going for $35 at one point. Why would you spend $30 on crap when you could buy that for $5 more?

    Let me show you this newegg link..... I'm kidding! LoL
  4. I once saw the CX 430w going for $17 after rebates.
  5. Even I saw the cheap 380W power supply with priced $19....

    And we compare the system from computer store:
    Intel Core i3 2100
    Foxconn H61 Mobo
    DDR3 1 GB PC-1333 RAM
    HDD 320 GB SATA
    Intel HD Graphic
    Middle Tower Case (actually slim middle) + 450W (cheap-ass) PSU + USB
    Keyboard + Mouse Optic Black
    Mouse Pad
    Samsung DVD ROM
    Price: $292

    Meanwhile the example system from me for sale with almost same specification:
    Intel Core i3 2100
    ASRock H61M-DGS
    4GB DDR3 1333
    320GB HDD
    Samsung DVD RW
    Some cheap slim middle tower case
    Corsair CX 430
    Bundled with Mouse, Keyboard, and Mousepad
    Price: $318

    That's why they don't want quality low-end computer due expensive price.

    I am also victim of cheap power supply, in 2007 when I using my computer the cheap-ass power supply was blown out and exploded, then the repairman replace the PSU to cheap-ass again and I replace my computer with new computer with cheap-ass power supply (even I saw the cheap-ass power supply label which they support Core 2 Quad, Athlon X4, SLI, and CrossFire. Genius...), after 1 year having new system my computer suddenly turned off itself and I reconnect the cable but unsuccesfully.
    And finally, I replacing that trash with new Thermaltake EVO_Blue 550W and it works perfectly for me....
  6. The 2nd one is easily worth the $26 difference for the RAM alone. A PC with 4 GBs works much better than a PC with just 1.

    In any event, most people don't really have a very good understanding of how computers function. It takes a pretty good amount of time to learn all the intricacies involved and most people don't want to commit that much time to doing it.

    It is very common for people who have no clue what is going on to go cheap on both the power supply and the case, because its hard to see how those two things impact the performance of the system.

    When you know more about this stuff, you can understand how they indirectly impact things and you stop doing cheap stuff.

    I used to know a guy that paid all this money for an awesome video card and he just had a really cheap $20 case. Well, he blew up the video card because it overheated.

    Before that, the same guy had a cheap PSU and in the same case it blew up and took his motherboard out with it.

    I tried to explain to him how these things could have been avoided, and I really do hope he took it to heart.

    Anyway, I think it is pretty much universally true that the more you learn about computers the more you demand quality parts in your computer.
  7. They said I'm forcing them (primarily seller) to moving to quality power supply, I'm not to forcing them because cheap PSU was better to attract customer.

    But, what about price vs quality?

    TRUE STORY: Noobs owned computer store has more customer meanwhile professional owned computer store has fewer customer. This is will be true in my city, but not at all.
  8. How many customers a store has really isn't determined primarily by the skill of the owner. Store location and marketing has a lot more to do with it.

    Not sure what you mean with the first sentence, but around here we always funnel people into quality PSUs regardless of the price it will cost them. It costs more to pay $20 for a PSU + $150 for a new motherboard than it does to just pay $40 for a new PSU that won't blow up your motherboard.
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