Composite video out - 2012!

Unusual request these days I know!

I have a requirement to send the computers output signal to a number of TVs already wired up and installed around a pub/club. The TVs are modern flat screens but are cabled together with just the aerial leads connected (analogue not Freeview). There is no chance to rewire the screens. Currently the 'aerial' or 'RF out' of a Sat box feeds all the TVs and they tune in on channel 9 (for example).

My thought was to find a TV card with composite video out, feed this into a TV modulator, and then tune the TVs to this output. I know the quality wont be amazing, but its simple animated graphics I'm showing, not a desktop.

Soooo ... to get to the question, does anyone still make a video card with composite output, or a way to obtain this without further impairing quality?

Thanks in advance!
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