Molex to 8 pin ATX12v connectrs for motherboard

Hello, i have an old typical 700w power supply comes with the computer case and it has 1 - atx connector, 3 -molex connector,1 - 4 pin ATX12v , 1 sata connector, 1 peripheral connector.
I want to use the old PSU and videocard for my temporary build
core i5 3570k
z77 sabertooth motherboard
temporary - power color 5570 128bit

this is a temporary build i will upgrade it soon.
i want to know if i can use molex to 8 pin ATX12v or just 4 pin ATX12v, does this will work?

P.S. re edit
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  1. Do you mean you want to connect the aux power 4-pin and 24-pin power connectors to the motherboard?

    Or, do you mean you want to use molex to PCIe adapters to connect to your video card?

    Regardless, the best option would be to replace the old PSU with a new one with all of the needed connectors at the same time you upgrade the rest of the system.

    Please clarify what you are trying to connect to what.

    Good luck!
  2. There is no 4 pin pcie connector, there is a 4 pin ATX12v connector for the cpu
    A 5570 doesn't require external power
    A 700 watt psu with that connector layout a big steaming pile
  3. Like this:

    I don't vouch for the product. I still suggest you wait and and get a new PSU as well.

    Why take the risk of damaging your new components with the old PSU?
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    You want to be able to connect 8 pin power to the cpu power header ?
    Using an adapter doesn't send more power, just a signal that an 8 pin is connected
    1st try using just the 4 pin ATX connector on the left side of the header ( while looking at the clip )
    If the board doesn't boot you will need to use an adapter, I prefer 4 pin to 8 pin myself
    but if you have a 2x molex to EPS , it should work, just don't try to overclock the smoke out of the chip
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