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My graphic card shuts down after i went on a cleaning process of it...

i recently cleaned up my graphic card fan by totally removing it from the card.. i have a GTX430 card.. after cleaning it gives a huge noise when i boot my pc. when i play games after a while the screen turns total black and cant do anything. has to restart again by the reset button. i really don\'t know whether i cleaned it in a wrong way or the way i fixed it again was not the correct method. what should i do?? i\'m not a big intelligent person in hardware matters. please help me... :(
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  1. Im not too sure but you may have damaged your fan during the cleaning causing your card to overheat or you damaged your card by discharging static electricity therefore damaging the sensitive components.
  2. hmm.. i think so.. ***!!! i have to buy a new one now.. thanks mate.. :)
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    haaziquvais said:
    hmm.. i think so.. ***!!! i have to buy a new one now.. thanks mate.. :)

    Thats just an assumption, look forward into the matter before making any decisions. Best of luck =)
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  5. Does the fan still spin when you turn the computer on? I'm guessing yes because of the noise you mentioned.

    I think you probably cleaned off the thermal paste and didn't reapply it and heat isn't going from the gpu to the heatsink.
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