I5-3570K vs i3-3225 - Would I see any difference?

I am not a gamer. I use my computer 3 - 4 hours a day to surf the web, read emails and do some light Word and Excel work.

I realize that I do not need a very powerful computer but on the other hand I want it to be very FAST.

Would I see a speed difference between an i5-3570K and a i3-3255?

I do not want to spend foolishly but I have a flexible budget.

NOTE: Both CPUs have HD 4000. I do not plan to get a discrete graphic card as I feel the HD 4000 will be plenty powerfull for my needs.

NOTE: I will also get a crucial M4, Intel 520 or Samsung 830 SSD.
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  1. for your work the i3+ssd is what you want! no need to go with the i5!
  2. For your use a Pentium G series will be fine.
  3. The others are right you really don't need a processing power for your needs. Heck the SSD will give you more visable performance boost then any processor for your needs.
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