Nvidia Geforce GT 220 1GB DDR Not being "recognised"

Hey guys, i have had this problem for a good few months now with no success or progression on the matter what so ever.

I bought an Nvidia Geforce GT 220 1GB DDR2 Palit < Is what is written on the box.

According to CPU Z my Motherboard is:

Manufacturer: Pegatron Corporation
Model: 2A99
Chipset: Nvidia MCP61

BIOS: American Megatrends
Version: 6.14
Date: 02/08/11

If you need more info, i can provide it, like CPU etc. PSU is 300w (according to Nvidia, the card needs 300w. )

Now i checked the requirements for the Graphics Card, and i apparently meet all them, yet the fan spins but when i connect it to the card, and to the tv, i get NO signal at all. What could i do? It's been too long to take it back to the shop so a refund is out the window. Where do i go from here?
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  1. How are you connecting it to the tv(dvi,vga,hdmi)? And does the card work when you connect it to another monitor?
  2. VGA Cable. I have no other monitor, just my flatscreen.
  3. What kind of adapter did you use before the GT220? Did it work fine with that?
  4. Currently integrated, Geforce 6150SE Nforce 430.
  5. Ok. Well, I'd check the BIOS to see if the 'Primary Display Adapter' is set to PCI-E, not IGP or onboard and then make sure the card is properly seated...Otherwise it may be an issue with power, motherboard or the actual card itself.
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