MSI GTX 550Ti Cyclone vs EVGA GTX 550Ti

Which one is better, they are the same price, I'm just curious as to which one is considered better, or are they pretty much equal?
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  1. Could you post links? There is really no distinguishing difference in the performance of the 2 cards, but EVGA does tend to OC their GPUs.
  2. The EVGA is a little bit faster due to being clocked higher.
  3. I was origiginally correct, the Evga card has slight overclocks, 981mhz core clock (vs.950mhz standard clock), 1962mhz shader clock (vs. 1903 standard clock). You will probably not be able to notice the difference in clock speeds, and could even overclock it yourself, but it still adds a little bit of extra value over the MSI. I have owned many EVGA cards in the past, and IMO they are of a much higher quality than most other brands.
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