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Hello guys,
I need some advice about the feasibility of a network configuration.

Basically I have access to a digicom modem/router. For this router, I do not have any access PW, so basically I cannot change anything about its configuration.
Anyway, this Digicom manages its own network (192.168.0.x), let's call it LAN1.

The landlord allowed me to connect (through a LAN cable) my Netgear router, to establish and handle with partial autonomy a different wireless network (let's call it LAN2), with addresses like 192.168.6.x.

Is anybody out there that can tell me how the configuration of the second router should be?

I tried to connect the Netgear and leave the "defualt" settings... the result is that the laptops connected to LAN2 (setting the wifi key set on my wifi router, which should handle LAN2) get a 192.168.0.x address (ie belonging to LAN1 )!!!!

In addition to all the PCs with the DNS server is assigned W7 wrong!

Please help, or they're gonna kill me ;)
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  1. connect the cable coming from LAN1 to the WAN/Internet port on the Netgear

    log into the Netgear and check the WAN setting Automatic (DHCP) and the LAN IP is
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