I3-3220 vs i3-3225 for Virtual Vsync

Hello, i build my new gaming rig, i plan to buy the P8H77-V and use the Virtual Vsync. I already have the ASUS HD 6870 DC

i3-3220 has HD-2500 and i3-3225 has HD-4000

will i see any difference on how Lucid Virtu MVP's Virtual Vsync performs.

And would i be able to use the MVP's Vsync with the i5-3350P which has no HD graphics... i guess not, because you have to be on the Intel HD when you install the Virtu MVP program.
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  1. What MVP does in hybrid crossfire/SLI the IGP with the dedicated GPU to get you about 10% improvement. If you have no IGP then you get nothing. LOL

    The difference between hd2500 and hd4000 will be minimal when using hyperformance mode so grab whichever processor is faster. A real 4 core, such as the i5, would be recommended if you plan on playing BF3 multiplayer, otherwise the i3 will be fine in just about every other game.
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