Current PSU upgrade to other parts.

Hi all,

I'm planning on upgrading on my PC and would like to ask whether my current PSU can handle it. I'll go ahead and say that I think it can but I don't want to risk it considering the only experience I have is just building my current one about 2 months ago (To be honest I just said to myself "welp this PSU is nice and big, in terms of watts lol, it should do.")

Anyways this is my current PSU, currently it's powering a i3-2100, a 6870, a 3.5" 7200rpm hard drive, which is all seated onto a H61 1155 Micro-ATX motherboard.

So, I'm planning on getting another 6870 (Just putting this here to note that this would mean crossfire :P), upgrading to an i5-3570k, (The last 2 items have a chance to be overclocked, although probably if I get custom cooling.) another 3.5" 7200rpm HDD (so two of these.), a 2.5" SSD, and lastly upgrading the motherboard to a fullsized ATX Z68 1155 Board.

My PSU does seem to have the connections for everything I believe, (Specifically I see just two more 6+2(?) connections for the other GPU) but to be honest I have no idea wtf it is when you guys talk about rails and stuff lol. So if I could get some people to answer whether or not I'll have to upgrade my PSU that would be awesome :D.
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    Yes it will do nicely.
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