Crossfire 6950 Problems.

I recently purchased my 2nd 6950, both sapphire Vaporx 6950s. I have them corssfired via cable, and I have it enabled in the Catalyst Control center but it shows no activity. Ive tried in Afterburner to see if there is any activity but still none. Any suggestions?
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  1. I would try reinstalling Catalyst Control center. Don't rely on an an auto update-- go right to the website and download all the parts.

    Edit: if that doesn't work I would run through your BIOS and make sure there aren't any Mobo settings that need to be changed.
  2. Some system specs would help,mobo,psu os etc..And what are you doing while checking the 2nd card?Are you monitoring on a 2nd monitor?gaming,which ones?If windowed mode,crossfire wont work.
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