Dual gtx 480 or gtx 580

Gtx 4480 or gtx 580
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  1. SLI GTX 480 in term of performance, GTX 580 for Power, Noise, Heat and, maybe Price. but if you're able to get a 680. You win on both.
  2. w8 and get a 680GTX
  3. No because there not on newegg for "open box" discount like the all other
  4. GTX 580 imo

    480's are loud, run very hot and were replaced by the 570's with ease. Sure SLI 480's will beat a single 580 but that single 580 can max out any game out there atm. You can quite happily SLI the 580 a little down the line if you want
  5. Yeah but i will be playing in 3d vision later on in the year
  6. Maybe I should wait to get more money and get a gtx 590 and meanwhile ill be using my Intel hd graphics on my z68 mobo
  7. There's an EVGA open box refurbished one for $220 but ya can get two new 900 Mhz 560 Ti's for $200 each


    They top the 580 by 40% and are cheaper than the open box 580s
  8. It may help if you take a look at what resolution you play at, etc. You mentioned you want to play using 3dvision. If you're at 1920x1080 a pair of 560 ti's should be plenty powerful and you won't have the big power consumption you would with a pair of 480s (keep in mind the 480s would be faster).

    There are some pretty incredible deals on 560 ti's right now and you could probably find a pair for around $360 or less after MIR. Cheers.
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