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I've ordered a <A HREF="" target="_new">DGL-4300</A>. to replace my faulty Netgear DG834GT, but I'll need an ADSL Ethernet modem as the crappy ones I've had from ISPs are all USB. What does anyone recommend?

I'm currently veering towards the D-Link <A HREF="" target="_new">DSL300T</A> as it seems quite stable (from what I've read) and would presumably work well with the DGL-4300. However, it's ugly! Plus, I'm not sure if it would allow VPN??? (Not that I know anything about VPN, but I may need to in the future).

Any suggestions welcome!

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  1. I'd just buy an old speedstream modem off ebay for like $20 or less. I've had my speedstream 5360 adsl modem for years and I haven't had a single problem with it.

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