HELP! WinXP Hanging at "Verifying DMI Pool Data"

I've really done it this time. :( I decided to merge two partitions on my mom's second hard drive using Partition Magic Pro 7, which is supposed to be Windows XP compatible. After booting to DOS, it hung and gave me an error message. Silly me, but I didn't write it down. I just shrugged and hit reset and now the computer hangs on "verifying DMI pool data." I can't boot into safe mode and I can't boot from the Win XP CD. I have the six boot disks and asked Windows to repair the installation, but it asks me for the Automated Recovery Disk, which I don't have.

1. How can I make a recovery disk?
2. Is there a way to access system restore given my limited options? (Can't even get into Windows)

Thanks For Any Input.

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Why is there braille on drive-through ATMs?
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  1. Goto the CMOS and select boot-up from CD-ROM. Then re-boot
    and boot from XP installation CD-ROM. There is a recovery option in XP installation CD-ROM.
  2. Hi, I tried that already, but it fails to boot from the CD-ROM. (ATAPI boot failure...blah blah) After using the boot floppies, I can access the CD-ROM. I'm just not sure what to do with it. :) How do you access the recovery if you can't boot from the CD-ROM?

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    Why is there braille on drive-through ATMs?
  3. If I'm not mistaken, when you see the "Verifying DMI pool data" you are seeing an echo from the mobo that is detecting a change in the hardware. So your problem doesn't necessarily lie in WinXP, cuz (if I am correct) your system isn't even getting to the point of being able to load it. Try taking out (or just disconnect the ribbon and power to) the 2nd harddrive that you merged the partitions on (I'm assuming the 2 partitions were both on the 2nd drive?). If the DMI pool is what I am thinking it is, it should pass the verification and your XP should fire right up.. as for fixing the 2nd drive, I dunno... you may have just learned a lesson (and thanks for sharing it with yer friends!!)...

  4. Thanks, dude. I'll give it a whirl. :)

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    Why is there braille on drive-through ATMs?
  5. I had that problem once and I tried everything, and nothing worked. At last I thought, the only thing I havn't tried is flashing the BIOS, maybe it is corrupt somehow. Sure enough, flashed the BIOS and it worked perfectly.
  6. I don't see how Partition Magic could have screwed with the BIOS, but I suppose anything is possible. Perhaps I'll try clearing CMOS as a less aggressive step. I don't want to kill the thing any deader than it already is. :)

    Disconnecting the second HD had no effect, BTW, but oddly, the primary master wouldn't be recognized unless the second drive was also hooked up. I tried all different positions on the IDE cables, just for kicks, but it was being very naughty...which makes you wonder about the BIOS...

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    Why is there braille on drive-through ATMs?
  7. Did you change the jumper setting on the primary drive to "Stand Alone" or "single drive" (if that is an option)? If not, then it wouldn't work without the 2nd drive becuz it would keep looking for that drive due to the primary drive expecting it to be there.

    I'm not sure clearing the CMOS will make a difference, but let me know if it does... stranger things have happened..

  8. I know this is a VERY old thread, but it is the first one that popped up when I searched for the solution to XP hangs at Verifying DMI Pool.

    Another site provided the answer, along with many more possible problems and their solutions:
    computerhope dot com/issues/ch000474.htm

    My problem was--somehow my CMOS got changed without me changing it! The boot order of my 2 hardrives was reversed, so the Data drive was the one trying to boot--not my OS disk.

    Last night in order to verify my Todo system backup, I disconnected my normal system drive, and connected another one, and did a system recovery to that drive--which worked great. Once I removed that drive, and reconnected my normal system drive, it was screwed up. So the CMOS might have recognized I had changed boot drives and so switched it's order. I have never booted from my Data drive.

    So now I'm good to go and I hope this will help someone else who finds this thread thru Google.

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