Problem configure Wireless Router & TZ150 firewall

I need help to understand how to configure a wireless router in front of TZ 150 Sonicwall. I have spoken with sonic wall and this version does not allow pass through for our vehicle inspection computer (owned by state) to talk to their system. I have installed a Netgear DGN1000 Wireless-N Router with Built-in DSL Modem in front of the sonic wall to allow this unit to connect to their web address (They have it protected can not see anything) but now I am having issues with double nat tables wireless ( with sonic wall and not quite sure how to overcome. The sonic wall is supplied by a vendor (activant) that allows them to retrieve data for our business to communicate with them. Help please.
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  1. do the Vehicle Inspection Computer need to connect to any other computers?

    do you have Static IPs from your ISP?

    if you have mor then one Static IP, you could use a switch and connect the Netgear and the SonicWall to it.

    if you have a dynamic connection, change the WAN IP of the SonicWall to and enter this IP into DMZ zone of the Netgear. If Activant needs access to a certain port on the SonicWall to access the Data, you will need a port-forward in the Netgear.
  2. Question 1. No, problem it will not communicate with their website-database when behind the TZ-150.
    Question 2. Our isp has us set as dynamic not static
    Question 3. Answered in response to question 2
    Question 4. I will contact Activant I know that the device behind sonic wall is set to not sure of the port but will verify what can be done as this piece is accessed via 3rd party website for sercure connection.
    Thanks for your help
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