Building a Desktop, Finalizing on Parts

Hey guys, so I've decided on these parts so far:

CPU: Ivy Bridge i5 3570 $205 (June 3rd)
Motherboard: ASRock Z77 $135
RAM: CORSAIR Vengeance 8GB (2 x 4GB) DDR3 1600 $55
Graphics Card: N/A, integrated
SSD: OCZ 60GB $60
PSU: CORSAIR 650W $90 - $10 rebate
Case: Corsair 400R $100

TOTAL: $635 + $17.62 shipping + tax = $710

I'd like to know if there are any good deals this Memorial Day weekend that I should consider to replace any of my current choices. Also, I'd like to make sure that the parts that I have chosen already are the best value for the price I am paying.

Thanks for the help!
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  1. Is the case worth it over the one I chose? or are there other cases that I should consider?

    Also, if I finalize on the parts I have chosen, am I making the right choice for each part?

  2. Enforcer is a great deal :)
  3. What kind of cooling system will be best for my configuration? I just realized that I did not include that in the things I am going to buy. The cases come with 2-3 fans, but I'll probably be seeking to optimize my cooling
  4. The stock cooler will be perfectly fine.
  5. The build's great, but I suggest you go for the Corsair 400R. I've spent a lot of time checking that case out, and it's a great deal. Also, have you thought about an HDD? I know SSDs are fast, but 60GB of storage is almost nothing. Not just that, unless you intend to add a really high end graphics card soon, you don't need a PSU that powerful or a case that expensive. A Cooler Master Elite 430 will do you just fine, as will a 400W PSU. 400 watts can even take a pretty decent GPU, especially if you take a 7000-series.
  6. I have a 430 elite and I love it. The only real issue I had with it was cable management, but it's easily fixed by routing the cables behind the drive cage. Decent airflow, though and it has a window panel on the side so you can check the hardware inside without having to take the panel off all the time. The case he listed has some good features too, though. Looks like two usb 3.0 hubs in the front and two front mounted 120mm fans.
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  8. I am planning on using the Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics. The only extensive thing I'll probably use the computer for is World of Warcraft. So will 400W and the stock cooling be fine for that and normal PC tasks? I'd probably get instead, but I may add a dedicated graphics card within the next two years depending on how satisfied I am with the new integrated graphics. Also I'm going to take my HDD from my current computer and put it in the new build, as I would just use it for storage. Would there be any problem with putting WoW on the SSD in addition to Windows 7 and other programs like Adobe and Office?
    My biggest issue is that I want this computer to last me 5 years and not die on me like my last one did.
    My computer isn't in an open location, it's under my desk, so it tends to get hot really easily. Do you still think I should rely on the stock cooling? Also, it looks like the 430 elite has one less fan and does not have USB 3.0? Also, I will be able to get the Corsair for $30 less if I get it from a local shop, so would that change your opinion on which case to get? My biggest problem is making sure I get a good case that will satisfy my needs and have optimal cooling for my tasks.
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