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Last night my monitor went blank on my home PC...then showed some random dots on the screen. Used a duster can to clean out the tower, but still no joy. I connected my HP w1907 flat panel monitor to my wife's laptop and it works. Can I assume that my graphics card is kaput or is the power supply to the monitor from the tower that has gone bad?
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  1. This is your products right?


    You don't have any Graphics card, but you may have the IGP (integrated graphic) broken. You've the possibility to put a new card though. If you would, you can try putting a graphic card in your PC and see if it works. If it does then you should put a card there because the IGP is broken. If it doesn't work then something else is broken.
  2. It seems as if your graphics processor has gone "kaput." As refillable has said, the integrated graphics has probably died on you, but you could probably try a graphics card to see if that is the problem. See if any of your buddies has a spare or get a really cheap one if you don't do any gaming.
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