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hello,my father just bought a av reciever.i used a hdmi port to connect my pc to the reciever. i got all sounds(dolby digital,dts etc)exept true there any sound card that supports that sound?i searched over asus site but couldnt find any card.
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  1. what is your source? did you try a Blu Ray disc?
  2. yeah my pc have a blueray player.
  3. Only the ASUS Xonar HDAV 1.3 and the Auzentech Home Theater HD support the newest Dolby/DTS standards over HDMI. Most GPU's now can also carry those signals over HDMI as well.
  4. Hmm which reminds me are you on a GT4xx or HD 5xxx or later GPU?
  5. yeah its ati 5xxx 1gb.i guess its really old grapfic card and cant handle that sound ;(
  6. It should; the 5000 and later lines for AMD should support all the HD audio standards.

    Worst case, you can decode the audio on the PC and send the uncompressed signal across; should be exactly the same quality wise.
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