I got hd 7850 need help here

i got new motherboard which in intel ..didn't no where my SAPPHIRERadeon HD 7850 OC 1 Gb work in tht or no
the motherboard is motherboard DH61ZE..
i got 4 gb normal ram
and i3 2120 processor
and need powersupply..and a gud processor coller at low rate plx...
help plx
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  1. Power - Corsar cx430
    Cooler - CoolerMaster 212+ or 212+ Evo.
    These coolers are about 160mm tall so make sure your case can fit them.
  2. can they over clock ?
  3. but how the motherboard going to hold tht..tht too heavy ..
  4. and wht is a crossfirebridge ?
  5. fireboy said:
    and wht is a crossfirebridge ?

    its used when u get another card
    like if you got two hd 7850's you can use the crossfire bridge to connect them together
    like that you will get better perfomance
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