GPU fans doing some weird things.

So I have had my computer for about a year and 3 months. I recently noticed a sound coming from my GPU fans. The fans seem to run for about 2-3 seconds then they turn off and the sound goes away. then 3 seconds later they come on again and repeat the cycle. This occurs... well, just about all the time. Whether my GPU is running at 50 degrees, or 90. Both fans are doing this, usually one after the other. Using the msi afterburner program, I notice the fans usually run around 200-500 RPM for the few seconds, then stop. Although at one point a few mins ago they were running at 2100 for about a minute then stopped.

Now the problem has gotten worse, I believe it is starting to overheat when gaming. My monitor just goes into "power save mode" while I can still hear the game playing through the speakers. The only way to fix this is to turn my computer off and on again after a few seconds.

I am just curious, is this a common fan problem? Is there a fix other than buying a new video card? Let me know if you need more info.
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  1. I have never heard of that happening before... Have you tried setting manual fan speeds?
  2. Have you blown out the fan shrouds to remove goo and dust ?
  3. Yes I cleared out all the dust. Its really weird, now, one of the fans is working perfectly fine, but the other is still doing the same thing. Seems like its trying to start to spin fast, but at some RPM or whatever, it just gets sad and gives up.
  4. Have you tried using one of the other pcie slots? it might be damaged and isnt getting the right power draw.

    Do you still have the card in warranty? it sounds like the custom cooler is knackered and needs to be replaced
  5. I just tried switching the PCIE slot, but it didn't help. I did notice that when i manually try to turn the fans with my hands, the one that is acting up is much more difficult to turn than the one that isn't. Any thoughts?
  6. seems that the fan has simply died. It gets power and you managed to sort the issue with the second fan so you have two options.

    1) Take the GPU apart and have a play with the fans, try to release tension/clean them down/find if something is blocking them

    2) Get in touch with MSI and attempt to get a replacement cooler (or 3rd party if its too expensive) and install it. Make sure you apply plenty of thermal paste! - Good cooler
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