Trouble Installing USB Driver for Samsung Galaxy Nexus

I'm trying to use my Samsung Galaxy Nexus phone as an internet modem for my laptop, but I've been encountering problems downloading the USB driver for it.

When I try installing the PdaNet program, I encounter this:

When I click "Yes" reinstall the driver, I get this very weird error:


After I click "OK", I get this:

I follow the instructions and then I see this:

When I go to the Device Manager, I DO see an error:

I'm guessing the problem is an existing Android driver installed on my computer cause I had an HTC Dream before the Nexus - How do I find the existing older driver(s) and delete it so I can install the latest Samsung driver? It doesn't show up in the Control Panel. ALSO, I've tried doing this:

And I still didn't see the old usb driver.
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  1. disconect the nexus, remove the nexus and the unknown device, reboot, plug your nexus in and run windows update. Its worked for my galaxy S2 without issue on several PCs.

    another option is to install Samsung kies if the nexus uses it.
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