GTX 460 and L4D2

Hey guys.

Would appreciate it if someone can shed some light on this..

So according to MSI Afterburner, my GTX 460 is running at a temperature of 85 - 96 degrees when I play L4D2..

My system specs are as follows:

Thermaltake 675 W PSU
Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit
Intel i7, 2.8 Ghz
19 inch monitor (1440 x 900)

My question: is setting all the video options on 'High' on my native resolution asking for too much out of a GTX 460?

What is the ideal AA and the filtering mode to get the best out of my card? I don't know, I'm feeling like I might be expecting 'too much' out of this card. But at the same time, it might be that dreaded overheating issue with the 460 that everyone is complaining about

Current game settings:
1440 x 900
AA: None
Filtering Mode: Trilinear
Shader Detail: High
Effects: High
Model / Texture Detail: High
Vertical Sync: Triple Buffered
Paged Pool memory available: High
Multicore Rendering: Enabled

With these settings, is it normal for my GPU's temperature to soar to 85 degrees + ? :sweat:
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  1. It may not be to do with your software settings...Is your case well ventilated? And is the card free from dust?
  2. Source games are fine for a GTX460.It should power through it easily.As the person above suggests I too think it's a heat problem not the cards ability.

    How long have you had your card? Which brand is it?Do you hear the fan ramp up when you are playing a game?
  3. Yes, the card is free from dust. Don't know about my airflow though.. Will post a picture once I'm back home from work.

    The card is only 2 weeks old. When playing L4D2, and there are many zombies on the screen (or a molotov is thrown) sounds would loop endlessly, I get black screen with a "No Signal Detected" message. And I'm not quite sure which fan is it exactly, but one of 'em ramps up really bad, abnormally loud.

    Only way out of the BSOD is a hard reboot. Quite disappointed especially because my old 9600 GT (Green edition) was much more resilient.

    But like I said, will post a picture of my PC once I'm back home. I'm guessing its either an airflow problem, or the card is faulty :(
  4. That's probably the GPU fan.

    A good way to check if it's a airflow problem is removing the side panel of your case.If the temps drop a lot and it stops crashing then you know it's heat related.

    Have you installed the latest drivers from Nvidia's website?
  5. you could use MSI afterburner to set up a custom fan curve, so as temperature increases so will the fan speed to keep it cool. my 4890 was at 90-something degrees under load and now its mid 70's stopped crashing for me. this fix will increase noise a bit...
  6. @Purplestank: Funny you should say that, I did try that yesterday (in an air-conditioned room, too) Didn't help at all though, temprature would still shoot up to 90 degrees (+) in a matter of seconds. And yes, I have the latest drivers installed (295, i think? Still at work here :P)

    And btw, the card is a Zotac GTX 460 SE (1 GB)

    @Internet cable: I tried that yesterday too (coupled with removing the side-casing). I set the fan to 70% speed (maximum allowed). Still noisy as hell, and only drops it by 5 degrees or so. The temperature still lingers in that 'danger zone', which means the GPU probably won't make it for another year -_-

    Anyone here who can shed some light on their GTX 460 GPU temperature on high settings?
  7. Seems to be like a defective card.The GTX400 series are hot running cards but 90c for a GTX460 is way to hot.They are usually in the 80's.
  8. Ok guys, here's a picture of my case:

    Now, I am facing a real quandary.

    The man who I bought the card from offered to return it back to the official agency licensed to sell Zotac products in the country. However, this is not the US >_> Customer service here, quite plainly, sucks. The process of replacing the card will take at least 2 weeks. The issue? I don't have a back-up card -_- Only my standard VGA..

    The guy offered me two options (along with returning the card, of course): Buy a Gigabyte GTX 550 Ti by paying the difference in price between it and the GTX 460 (which is approximately... $75). I already know the 550 Ti can never match to the 460, but should be decent enough to run games on high settings on a 1440 x 900 resolution.

    My other option is an Asus GTX 560.. However, he doesn't have that card in stock and he'll have to order it. The difference in price from my 460? $100... And I read enough about the card to know that there is not much difference between it and 460.

    However, I cannot spend 2 weeks without a GFX card :( Moreover, there is a slight chance that the replaced card might also be faulty...
  9. Airflow doesn't seem to be a problem.I mean you do look like you need a intake fan since all of those are exhaust but you said when the door was off temps didn't change so that's a red flag right there.

    We'll here's the thing.The SE version of the GTX460 is actually slower than the traditional GTX460.So the GTX550ti is almost on par with it,only being a little slower.The GTX560 however is quite a bit faster than the GTX460 SE.But at those prices none of them seem like viable upgrades.

    Just stick with your current GPU and wait it out.If you were to get a refund how much would you get back?
  10. Hey purplestank, thanks for the prompt reply.

    Very interesting.. the observation about the SE's performance not being too diferent from the 550 Ti.

    the guy did say I could take the GTX 550 and give it a whirl for two days to test the temperatures.. but I want an investment that'll last me for the future. And the standard GTX 460 or a 560 seem like the most logical choice.

    I could wait it out, but its gonna be a test of patience, especially if the process takes longer than 2 weeks and I end up with a faulty card anyway. I'm not very optimistic, especially after reading threads like these:

    That's a thread of 26 pages, people complaining about their GTX 460 heating up, and from different manufacturers too. Frankly, its making me quite paranoid.

    IF I do ask for a refund, I'll get back $122 (what I paid for the card). However, computer dealers here (Middle East, United Arab Emirates), in general, are quite sleazy.. Taking back my money and gambling on another GTX 460 with a dealer I'm not familiar with is quite risky.

    This whole ordeal would not be so painful if I did not sell my 9600 GT the day I bought the GTX 460.. Oh well, you live and you learn, right?

    Seriously though, people in the US should really appreciate their customer service more often :P I hear of people getting a replacement within 3 days. If companies here operated that way, they'd be bestowed with a quality award :P
  11. What are the prices for the 6850?
  12. Asked about both 6850 and 6950.. out of stock!
  13. Well if the 6860 is decently priced then it might be worth waiting on him to order it.It's quite a bit faster than the regular GTX460.
  14. Hey Purple!

    Decided to go for the ASUS GTX 560.. been reading reviews here and there, and looks like the cooling method adopted by Asus is top notch.. Nothing can go wrong (I hope)!

    Supposed to be getting it tonight. Will report tomorrow on the performance / temperatures :)
  15. Will do.
  16. Asus GTX 560 with DirectCU... Idle temperature: 37 / Load: 58

    Everything maxed out! :D Feels so damn GOOD!!! :D
  17. Hahaha.Yah I know the feeling.Wow, 60 c load.That's incredible.When do you think you'll have the money for another?
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