Need advice on upgrading from my old PC

Hello, my current 6 years old PC has the following specs:

GPU: Onboard IGP Nvidia 7025/630a (i had an HD 3650 but it died)
CPU: Phenom 9500
Mobo: MSI k9n6pgm2-v2 AM2+ socket
RAM: 2gb 800MHz ddr2
Monitor: 19" LCD (has native res of 1440x900 but i m and i will use 1024x768 resolution when gaming.)
(i know, it is a complete trash :( )

As i m 16 year old, and my parents aren't gonna buy me anything that has something to do with the PC, i will have to upgrade part by part as i slowly earn some cash.
I m thinking of upgrading the PSU first to something like seasonic 380W. The second part i want to upgrade is to add a discrete GPU (i m looking at HD 6570 DDR3 card, or maybe i add some extra cash for hd 6670 gddr5 if it is worth the price difference of 35$), then to get 2x2 gb ddr3 ram @ 1333 MHz and in the end to buy mobo and CPU at once, most likely a sandy bridge pentium g850 and h61 mobo, or an fm1 athlon II x4 631 and a55 mobo. The game i want to play the most is skyrim @ 1024x768 on at least medium settings and 2xaa if possible, also i would like to max out Oblivion with some graphical mods.

Should i change something in my plan or will this build be enough for gaming @ 1024x768 resolution?
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  1. yes it should be enough.

    my tip is to just buy all the parts at the same time. you seriously don't want anything to out date anything else in your system because it will cause comparability issues and bottlenecks. im sure you can just save up your allowance or find a part time job to get cash. you will survive with that machine for now. im typing this on a crappy pentium 4 with only 128mb of ram so i know how you feel and because im only 14
  2. LOL. I'm 14, have a 1st gen 13 and I'm already feeling the urge to upgrade. I think you should save up money until you have at least $700, then you have a lot more room to buy parts.
  3. yep. just save money. too bad i cant use the ssd i bought last week (mushkin chronos deluxe) on a pentium 4 becuase it doesnt have sata. IT USES FRICKEN PATA 100
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