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I've been trying for weeks to solve this issue and have spent hours on the internet looking for an answer, so I hope someone can provide some help.

I have 2 routers:

– One is a gateway with a static ISP IP that connects to a VPN server using a PPTP/Password WAN connection that I use to hook up devices to access Netflix outside of the US. (I subscribe to a VPN service)

– The second router is a gateway operating regularly with a static IP from my ISP.

I have an eight port d-link switch to which both routers are connected. Both routers can connect to the internet and the PPTP router also connects to the remote VPN server successfully.

The problem is a complete lack of access to resources from clients on one router to the other. I'd like to be able to have computers connected to a LAN port on router 1 to be able to communicate with a computer on Router 2.

I have tried connecting both routers to the switch through one of the LAN ports on each and that results in one DHCP server taking over and all local IPs being routed through the one router, which in many cases, will not work due to the need for the active VPN connection.

I have also tried connecting the two routers directly using LAN ports with a patch cable. I have not yet tried a crossover cable. I have tried to creatively turn off the DHCP on one router, yet that doesn't work either. I've read many posts where it is suggested to just turn the gateway off on one router to effectively run a switch. This will not work for me, because one router has a local ISP provided IP and the other uses a local ISP provided IP to obtain a VPN connection. I need the separation, yet there must be a way to get the two to network together.

This may not be possible with SOHO equipment or at least with the equipment I have. What do I need to do and/or buy in order to make this work? It seems like a problem that should have a rather simple solution; I just can't figure it out.

(I have a DIR-615 router using factory firmware, and a DIR-825 running dd-wrt V.24 std)


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  1. option1: have both routers use the same internal IP scheme router1 will use the VPN router2

    turn of the DHCP on router2 and assign a Static IP to the computer with the Gateway set to that should use router2

    option2: maybe a Dual WAN router will work with one of your current routers setup as an Access Point.
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