Help me, please! My computer is insane!!

My dell computer screen flashes black for a half a second or a second at random intervals (anywhere from once a minute to every couple of seconds), but the system has not frozen, as I can continue to type, music keeps playing, etc. I found a site which suggests that it is my AC socket or adapter, but the same problem exists on battery power. Any idea what's up?
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  1. Most likely a graphics driver crash and recovery. Try reinstalling/update graphic driver.
  2. loose monitor cable, bad monitor, bad backlight inverter, bad GPU, bad power supply.

    I will assume its a laptop though. In which case hook it up to an external monitor. if it doesn't happen the laptop screen, backlight, or bavklight inverter are going, or there's a lose cable. If you point a flashlight at it while its "black" and can still see the screen image I'd say replace the inverter.
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