New gaming pc

i want a new gaming pc under the budget of 500 to 650
AMD 3.3 GHz AM3+ FX6100 and suitable bord (suggest)
grphic crd - AMD H777F1G2M 1 GB GDDR5 or better under 150$
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  1. I suggest you fill this out to make it easier to figure out exactly what you need:
  2. Approximate Purchase Date:dec 2013

    Budget Range:max.700

    System Usage from Most to Least Important:only for gaming
    like call of duty ghosts, assassine 4

    Parts Not Required:

    Preferred Website(s) for Parts:


    Parts Preferences:

    Overclocking:may be

    SLI or Crossfire:may be
  3. If you want any realistic help at all start a new thread. Most people see the 2012 date on this one and never even click on it.
  4. Okk....
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