Should i use razer software or not?

i recently bought a razer death adder and i love how precise it is. but for some reason i cant keep it under control. my dpi settings are 300, 100, 1500. i can change on the fly which is amazng. but would i be better off keeping it simple using the windows drivers or does the dpi i can achive make any difference? what dpi is the default without the software?
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  1. Download the razer driver. You'll find amazing features there. Since sensivity change to pointer speed and so on.

    I have a Ouroboro and a Naga and I highly recommend downloading and installing the drivers
  2. i know about the features but i feel like i do better in mw3 without all the dpi changes. what is the default dpi that windows uses for the mouse?
  3. It's not about DPI, that's hardware stuff. Windows will only change the mouse sensivity... You can check it in control panel>Mouse>pointer options. That's for 7, might be different for other O.S
  4. I have a Lachesis and i have buttons for On the Fly DPI changes. if you want to remap the buttons then use the software or if you want to change the On the Fly DPI settings. I think defautl is like 200 500 1500 4000 (At least for me) 500 Speed to hit the spot to me for most cases. i did change the mapping a while back when i was doing though and delete and lot of duplicated music. I changed the foward button to DEL. Saved SO Much time!
  5. That sounds like in game sensitivity to me...
  6. With the Death Adder I find it to be better off using the driver, I like setting my Polling to 1000 and with out the drivers its at 500 polling and I can tell in games like COD4, My old Imperator It saved the settings in the mouse along with the polling rate, so it didn't really need the driver. Death Adder does since it don't same settings in the mouse.
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