Is there a pci express 8 pin to 6 pin connector?

My psu only has four 8 pin pci-e connectors, but my gpu has two 6 pin connectors, how can I successfully connect the two?

my power supply is the tr2 rx
and my graphcs card is the gtx 560
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    The page you linked says it all. That PSU does have two "normal" 6 pin PCIe connectors, along with two 6+2 pin (or 8 pin, if you will) PCIe connectors, for a total of four 6 pin PCIe connectors.

    Look at the "Total Output Connector" section on the Feature page...

    You're good to go.

    Edit: Even if it did just have four "8 pin" PCIe connectors, they're 6+2 type connectors, so you just leave the "+2" part out of the equation. It's completely separate from the 6 pin part.

    Edit 2: Having said all of that, that is an absolutely terrible PSU. Take a look at Tier 5 here:

    The good part to that is that you won't really be stressing it much with only a single 560. The bad part is that it could still self destruct at any moment.
  2. Yea as DJDeCiBeL said it comes with two 6 and two 6+2. I don't know of ANY PSU that comes with ONLY 8 pin's. I hope your not looking at 8 pin +12v connector! Check your wires! You might be using a 6+2 on your Motherboard and the 8 Pin or sometimes a 4+4 on your video card! Double check before starting that sucker up!
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