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Hello, I am thinking of buying a Samsung LED/LCD Monitor with HDMI port. I would like to ask if this monitor HDCP compliant?
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  1. Why does it matter? Are you trying to use the PC as an HTPC?

    Most monitors are not HDCP compliant whereas most TVs are. If my understanding of the situation is right, anyway.

    It is usually suggested that people buy TVs for HTPCs and monitors for regular computers, so the question isn't really that common to begin with.

    As for answering the question directly, it should probably say in the marketing materials for it somewhere or you could probably look on the company's webpage/forums or just call them to find out.

    I just care to try and uncover a deeper root problem if one does indeed exist.
  2. It's a perfectly reasonable thing to ask. Monitors keep getting bigger with a few of them doubling up as TVs. It may not be the primary screen in the living room for watching movies but it's great for the bedroom where you may be surfing the net, playing a game or "watching a movie".

    As to whether a Samsung monitor with HDMI supports HDCP or not, I'll say yes. I have a range of screens which support DVI-D and/or HDMI, including a 23" Samsung "Monitor with freeview" (my description for a monitor with TV attributes) and all of them support HDCP. I'd actually be surprised if you could find a monitor or tv with HDMI or DVI sockets which didn't support HDCP.
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