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Upgrading from 6870 crossfire to 680 gtx

Hello, I currently have two 6870's but I'm sick of microstuttering and shitty performance in some games. What I'm looking to know is whether I will notice any perforamance increase, My cpu is a i7 930 3.4 ghz. also Im getting 320$ for both my 6870s is that good?
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  1. i wouldn't pay $320 for two used 6870s, lol. That would be the same as new. If someone wants to buy them at that price then go for it.

    And yes the 680 is better than two 6870s

    edit: if you find one that is.
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    I hope that you can delay the sale a bit because the GTX 680's are very scarce right now and it may take a while ot get one. Once they start shipping in better quanties then you won't have any trouble getting one and if you can get $320 for the two 6870's then you don't want to lose that sale either. The performance increase will bne big over what you have now.
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