7870 CF, 7950, or 680 gtx?

Was thinking of those 3 cards. Just playing on a 27inch 1920x1080 monitor. And I want to play on extreme settings on most titles or at least high with vsync on.

I was thinking of getting a 7870 now and in a few months or so get a 2nd for CF. but I'm debating on whether to get a 7950 or 680gtx I like them both but the prices and/or availability are a bit of a stretch for me and i know i wont be CF'ing or SLI'ing the higher end ones. Way over my budget. I am holding onto 2-260GTX sli in the meantime and I've heard a lot on micro stuttering but it really hasn't affected me much while playing. That's why I dont mind 7870 CF in the future. I have looked at all 3 reviews but would like some input on current owners or graphic card gurus. I've also been waiting since january now for all these graphic cards to come out before making a purchase so if your advice for me is just wait for 660ti/670gtx boards to come out or wait for price wars....then i might as well wait for 8k series and 700 series right? lol

edit -also I wanted to wait for all the 7k series boards to come out to grab 2 6950s 2gb versions at a reduce price...but now they are extremely rare to find unless i try my gamble on amazon/ebay. And I guess i don't mind 560ti 448 core version or even 580gtx (looking for at least 2gb versions)....but was just looking at the new 28nm gpu's to have something new for a change. Any thoughts will be much appreciated...ty

Asrock z68 Fatal1ty
I5-2500K OC 4.4ghz
Corsair 850 AX
HAF-X case
16GB Gskill @ 1600MHZ
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  1. Just wait till the prices stabilize. AMD is still playing hard balls game. I want to see 7970 at $400 to 449 level ... that would be a great competition for 680 but for now they are still at $549 and not a cent lower. I don't know what they are thinking...I mean anybody who is intelligent enough to compare game performance and a price would get 680 not 7970 right now...even if 7970 drops to 499 people would get 680...I think the deal beaker is at 449.99...

    So you waited for long time for kepler but you have to just hold up a little longer ...680 are still not available and I would rather get single card solution than SLI or CF ( I run CF my self but soon I would up my rig with a 7970 or 680...depending on price)...
    If 7970 will drop to 449 I buy it and overclock the crap out of it ...that should be good for high settings on 2560x1600
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    Right now today. i would go the GTX680

    it out performs the 7970 and is cheaper.

    In about a month or so AMD will have to drop their prices on the 7970 in order to keep selling them. Likley to be dropped by ~$100 or so.

    The 7970's have better overclocking ability and from recent reviews and benchmarks GTX680 SLI vs 7970 CFX its neck and neck for performance.

    so with the price drop i would lean towards the 7970
  3. Ya, I really want to get the 680GTX and I'd wait for the non-reference cards from companies like MSI/Asus. I actually dont have any choice but to wait since they are all sold out lol. Might wait a month at most and if price/availability hasnt changed i'll go for a 7950 or 7870. And i dont see price dropping anytime soon from AMD since there arent any 680gtx's out anymore i wouldnt budge on the price either lol. Do we know when 660ti/670 are coming out? I think only then the prices will drop unless the 680gtx supplies start dropping in
  4. Your were right, 2 2GB 6950's OC or 2 6970's if you can find them are better bang for your buck by a long margin. 2 6970s cost less than a 7970 or 680 and out perform them pretty comfortably (still outperforms a 7970 with a good OC, which is impressive).

    Given the other options mentioned in the OP, if your buying today take the 680 (again if you can find one) else I agree with hugostiglitz, wait to see what AMD do with their prices over the coming weeks then decide.

    With the current pricing I still struggle to see a reason to buy a 7950/7970 or 680 given you can get faster set-ups for much less but that is just my opinion.
  5. ya, weird how 6870's are still plentiful in online stores like newegg but the 6900 series are overpriced on amazon or just no where to be found unless i want a used.
  6. if i were you i would go for GTX680 or depends.if you choose gtx 680 you can play any game with high setting.and it will be the same for 7870CF but you are limited for may say that it's not the important part for me but i say when you are going to pay that money for graphic card it's better to choose something that covers everything you need for palying any game.
  7. Yeah, there is a reason 6900's have all but disappeared completely... thanks AMD. If that's what your after best bet is to try source one from a local parts supplier, they may still have some in stock (if your lucky).

    Otherwise I would sit it out a few weeks, see if AMD responds with as significant price reduction as predicted and then decide (although no doubt it will then be an even harder decision).
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  9. K I agree with most of you on waiting for price drops for 7950/70's. If they can drop 25-50 bucks then i'll snag them...I just hope its within a couple weeks...we just need more 600 series cards to bring them down sooner lol...thanks for all your replies.
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