More Cores or more RAM?

I'm in the process of building a new gaming system and was wondering which way to go in the video card arena.
I'm looking at two GeForce GTX 560 Ti cards, same price, but one has 448 cores and 1GB RAM, the other has 2 GB RAM, and 384 Cores.
I'm planning on running 2 of them in SLI. Which one will provide the best overall performance?

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  1. The 560 Ti 384 is a distinct card while the 448 core model is basically a GTX570 with a shader block disabled. The 448 is faster and when overclocked easily equals a GTX570 in performance.
  2. Here are some benchmarks. Should have included them in the first post.
  3. gtx 560 ti 448 >> gtx 560 ti
  4. The 448 core would definately out perform the 3384 core 560Ti. It is also limited edition, so if you plan to sli you should buy them both as they may be hard to find in the future
  5. i don't think 560 is an worthy upgrade from ur gtx 460. You should consider to sli the 460 for greater performances
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