7870 Warnings Occured AFter Installing CCC

i just bought a 7870 ICe q i uninstalled previous drivers with CCC booted into safe mode used driver sweeper removed all amd put 7870 in downloaded the latets 12.2 CCC installed at the end said installation complete warnings occured but no errrors now on the amd site there is 7.xx CCC to download then theres 7800 but it only has the driver there is there a problem with CCC 12.2 and 7870 atm do i need to jsut download the 7800 series drivers from AMD`s website
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  1. just need to install the driver and nothing else ?
  2. I don't understand your point, the latest CCC for HD 7/6K series are CCC 12.2, some people reported that CCC 12.1 is more stable an CCC 12.2 optimized for HD 7K series.
    Here's the link

    You just express uninstall any drivers and download that one from the link above assuming you're running Windows 7 64
  3. there is somethign very wrong those my motherboard is a p8z68-b/gen3 with pcie express 3.0 my graphics card is a 7870 with pcie-3 3.0 tho in gpu and all that it says pcie 2.0 and the performance in programs liek furmakr is 30fps with a score of 1783 that is horribly bad worse than completley *** cards i have 3 pcie slots on my mobo a black one a white 1 and a blue 1 i got it plugged into the blue 1 is that not the pcie 3.0 1?
  4. I got confused about this also, as I have a 7870 sitting in my closet. The 12.2 Catalyst control center includes driver 8.95. The driver you can download is 8.95.5. I would download catalyst, and then download the 8.95.5. At least, that's what I'm going to do tomorrow.
  5. why is it only showing pcie 2.0 it atleast shoudl be 2.1 mobo can support 3.0 and so can gfx card and why is the benchmark so low?
  6. Your CPU can't use PCIe 3.0 yet. Ivy Bridge will.
  7. ye i no that but it can use 2.1 and the gfx carfd can use 2.1 so why isnt it?> the performance i get in benchmark is absolutley horrible it worst then a dam 5770 and i only have the driver installed i downloaded the 895.5 for 7800 from there site
  8. methix0r said:
    ye i no that but it can use 2.1 and the gfx carfd can use 2.1 so why isnt it?> the performance i get in benchmark is absolutley horrible it worst then a dam 5770 and i only have the driver installed i downloaded the 895.5 for 7800 from there site

    2.1 is just a standard gfx cards use. almost all mobos have 2.0 slots and 2.1 cards work perfectly in 2.0 slots. pcie 3.0 cards also work well in 2.0 slots.
    your problem could be driver related or elsewhere in hardware like weak psu, cable connection, poor air flow/cable management and so on.
  9. i have a 900 watt high current gamer a pc-k62 dragonlord case with 4 140mm fans a nzxt havik 140 cu cooler so its not any of that and it not poor cable management either

    and what else other driver can i try go back to 12.1 where the 7.xx cards arnt supported?
  10. Who makes your high current psu?
  11. Antec. it;s a quality branded PSU.
    Download the latest version of GPU-Z and see if it detects your card right.
    Also, tell us your total system configuration and monitor's resolution.
  12. ye it detects everything find once the drivers are in stalled its jsut very bad performance with the 895.5 drivers it wouldnt even run 3dmark so i went and got the 12.4 preview drivers which includes amd display driver 8.96 then it would run the bench in 3dmark but it was very bad permance like 8fps in the 19028 extre benchmark i also ran benchmarks in games the card peformed at the same lvl as a 6870 and sometime slower so it is definetley very bad drivers atm for the 7800`s all i got to do now is wait and hope they fix them all of my computer is quality and everything si working right
  13. I doubt if it's a driver problem. And again you didn't list your total system specs.

    Toms used CCC 12.3 beta when reviewing the cards and there was no problem in the benches. Try these ones, if you still have a low performance you need to look somewhere else.
  14. i havelooked everywhere else ram is fine cpu is fine power supply is antec 900watts i downloaded the driver from amd website 12.2 when i installed them it says it was 12.3 so i have tried those ones as well i strestted tested the cp in prime 95 for 10 hours with no problems everything in this computer is brand new so it isnt any of the other hardware my cpu is a core i7 2700k mobo is p8z68-v/gen3 card is not under powered 900watt psu and i got the 2 6pin connectrs in the card btw it is a HIS 7870 ICE q GHZ edition ive tested everything so what else could it be bu the driver
  15. the only other thing i can do is try another pcie slot i cant think of anything else
  16. tried another pcie slot same thing it has to be a problem whith the card r drivers i have tested everything else.

    with my old 6870 in the computer it runs perfectly fine pefroms how it is suposed to so there is nothign wrong anywhere else
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