Getting a little overwhelmed with my first build, need advice.

Hey guys, I'm currently building my first PC, a gaming rig and I'm hoping some of you could help me picking out the parts. So far I've decided on going with:

i5-3570K Processor
ASUS Z77 Maximus V GENE mATX Motherboard
Cotsair Vengeance 8GB RAM
2x MSI 7850 Power Edition Video Card
Corsair TX650 PSU
WD Caviar Black 1TB HDD
ASUS VS248H-P Monitor
Logitech G9X Mouse
Microsoft Sidewinder X4 Keyboard

I plan on buying one 7850 at first and a second in a few months. I also plan on keeping everything at stock for about a year until I need to OC. I'm hoping I can last 3 years without upgrading, playing games on ultra, then high, and finally medium into next gen. How does this build look to you for a primarily gaming rig?

Now for advice, I'm not sure whether to go for a Mini or Mid tower. The mobo is mATX and the 7850's are only 8.5 inches in length, so I'm thinking they could possibly fit nicely in a mini tower. I've been looking at the NZXT Vulcan and Fractal Design Arc Mini. For cooling I've been looking at the Hyper 212+ and H60, though I think the size of the case will determine the cooling I need. There's also the OC factor so I might have to go for better cooling.

What do you guys suggest I get for a case and cooling system? Mini or Mid tower? And should I switch any part of my build?

Thanks for reading and for any advice. I'll be glad to finally get my build together.
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  1. If you want to have two gpu's, I wouldn't get an mATX. Check out the asrock extreme4 z77 board.

    I would go mid-tower, check out the fractal arc midi. I would post links but it's harder on this iPad.

    For cooling, go with the hyper 212 evo, it will suit your needs just fine and it's cheap. No need to water cool if you aren't over clocking to an extreme amount, which you don't need to do.

    Also make sure that vengeance ram does NOT have the heat sinks, they aren't needed and they will have a hard time fitting under an aftermarket cooler.

    Don't forget your OS as well if you need one.

    ETA: the 7850 over clocks really well, it's a good midrange priced card.
  2. 1: get the extreme4 or a P8pz77-v board
    2: get some crucial ballistix sport ram. they are low profile and cheaper
    3: OCZ zt650 will be better. its fully modular and cheaper
    4: if you like silence, the define r3 is the way to go
    5: get the hyper 212 evo. its slighty better than the plus. its worth the 5 bucks
    6: the seagate barracuda 1tb with 64mb of cache is cheaper than the black drive and is the same speed if not faster
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