CORSAIR Enthusiast Series TX850M vs XFX P1-850X-XXB9 850W

I know they both are great power supply put I want the best for the buck out of 2. Any suggestions?
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  1. I would rather use the XFX in my own PC.

    You have to look up whether Corsair PSUs are good or not, but you don't have to look up whether XFX PSUs are good or not. Corsair makes some good and some bad PSUs and XFX always makes good ones.

    I do happen to know that the TX models from Corsair tend to be pretty good, but I have seen a lot of problems with them as well. I have, however, seen only 1 problem with XFX ever that I can think of and I am not sure that can really be blamed on XFX.
  2. Whichever is cheaper. Likely they are both Seasonic units with 5yr warranty.
  3. The Corsair TX850M is built by CWT, using the PSH II design. While that XFX units uses the Seasonic SS-xxxAT/AM design.

    I don't know of any reason why one should be considered superior to the other, so I would also buy the cheaper of the two, if 850W is suitable for your build and if there aren't better units around.
  4. CWT, FSP, Delta, Seasonic are all good. Could not find the tx850m on the chart so have no idea who makes it.
  5. FSP makes PSUs that say 700w on the box and they are really 300w PSUs. I don't see any reason why they should ever be labeled as good.

    Maybe CWT and Delta are acceptable, but I don't see how they should be considered on the same tier as Seasonic, Enermax, and other higher quality OEMs.
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    Corsair sell excellent power supplies that are manufactured by CWT and Seasonic. Most of the upper end units (TX2, HX, AX) are based off the same seasonic units that most other manufacturers use for their high end units. Corsairs other units such as the CX V2, GS, TXM are based off CWT units and are slightly lower in quality compared to seasonic but still is of a very high quality.

    Quality wise.. TXM units are nearly always lower in quality to the TX V2 units which are basically the same as the XFX units.

    CWT and Delta are both high quality manufacturers who I would consider to be right under seasonic and most of the highest quality manufacturers.
  7. your better off with corsair
    one of the best psu companies in both quality and customer service
  8. idk about xfx tho
    only thing i know about them that they r kinda new to the psu thing
  9. I believe the majority of HX power supplies are built by CWT. The HX750, HX850, HX1000 and HX1050 units are all CWT, while only the HX520, HX620 and HX650 are Seasonic.

    Something else needs to be said about the respective strengths of manufacturers; they alter their designs according to what the brands want, in terms of performance, component selection, build quality and price.
    So, for instance, there are CWT designs which are higher quality than Seasonic designs, or implementations thereof, and vica versa.
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  11. It was hard to choose, but thanks for helping me guys!
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