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Hey Guys

I recently bought the parts I'll need for my new gaming rig but am a bit stumped when it comes to picking cases especially since my GPU looks huge.

Could anyone make a suggestion on a case. I am looking for good build quality and cooling, some lights would be nice too.

Have been shopping around and am looking for a case around £50 to £80 preferably from Amazon.

Any help would be much appreciated

My specs are



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  1. i would look at cases that had removable hd tray so that you could put in a extra long video card.
    still have room for one or two drives on the bottom.
  2. Is the gtx 670 really going to need that much space?
  3. On second thought I'm going to university so there is a risk of theft so maybe an understated case would be more useful rather than one that yells

  4. Anything with a clearance of 12" 30Cm is fine for that gfx card
    check out lian li's stuff, fractal do some understated cases too,
    plus you can always mod an alarm to the system to help prevent theft
  5. Thanks corsair seem to have some good options too so I'll check both out
    Do they standardise power supply sizes or is that another factor I will have to watch out for?
  6. Atx is the standard Psu size,
    if you check this out, its under the tech specs tab, most Psu's these days follow that sizing,
  7. I thnk I might go with this one

    does this look doable for the parts I have and any cooling I may need.
  8. Yup, Hdd cages are removable if the Gfx cards too big, which it shouldn't be
    Psu is fine,
    and are you overclocking that 2500k?
    you will want an aftermarket cooler like the H212 if you are, unless of course you fancy watercooling? :)
  9. wasnt planning on overclocking till I'd put her through her paces but say I did what would be the benifits of watercooling vs the aftermarket cooler and cost?
  10. With a *good* watercooling setup you can achieve lower temps than with air and thus higher OC's. I will say that it has been through much research that I have come to find that *most* of the self contained watercooling setups such as Corsairs H-XX series do not offer much if any lower temps than comparably priced air cooling solutions, but when you start getting into the double 120 radiator setups and custom jobs then you start seeing the performance.
  11. Yes, real watercooling, although the costliest option, and often a hobby all by itself is the best cooling generally, the allinone units like H100's are comparable to highend aircoolers, and can often be outperformed by them, price vs performance there would tell you to buy the good aircooler
    I run custom water and love it, not because I need it, because I love the engineering processes in designing and building a loop, the actual benefit is a nice bonus ofc,
    but decent water kits start at around £130, and I usually suggest higher end kits or bespoke loops so its not the cheap option here,
    I would look at a good aircooler for now, and maybe save £300 for a decently performing loop later
    more money is always better in W/c :P
    as long as its spent cleverly ofc
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