7850 Sapphire - I'm getting low performance... help?

Hey. I have a 7850 Sapphire 2Gb / 2500k sandy bridge running at 3.4, 730 w raidmax power supply, 8GB corsair RAM at 1600, 500 GB WD hard drive at 7200, motherboard is asus p8 z68-v/gen3, running windows 7 at 1920 x 1080

I have the newest version of catalyst and all my drivers and everything are up to date
yet on skyrim ultra, i'm getting ~15-20 fps when all benchmarks online say i should be getting around 60-65

on heaven benchmark everything on high, online benchmarkers were getting ~27 fps and i'm getting ~9

anybody have any idea what could be going on??!
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  1. To ensure that everything is set on place and no problem with the card itself, run GPU-Z and check the usage and temperature of the GPU, run a set of DX11 games and see if you're getting the optimum performance.
  2. When I was playing skyrim, usage went to 100%, memory usage was 1.15 GB, temp max was 59 C
    I could run dota 2 maxx at 120 fps, but that probably doesn't mean much.. :bounce:
  3. 700 raidmax psu.....
    can you test your pc with a corsair builder series or any other type of good psu? the raidmax should theoretically run your pc but if the psu is old or recycled from other build, it could have aged too much to support your pc.
    did you do a clean reinstall of latest amd drivers? did you use driversweeper?
    7850 skyrim perf on ultra @1080p
    from what i've been reading, the 7850 seems quite problematic with drivers. tweak skyrim settings, especially with anti aliasing - see if that solves your problem.
  4. Brand new everything, just built the computer like 3 days ago/
    and i did a driver sweep, everything is up to date
  5. UPDATE**
    Just ran bad company 2 on max and was getting like 15 fps...
    I honestly have no clue what could be the problem
  6. i got a 7870an i go tthe same results very very poor benchmark results
  7. what are the rest of your specs/
  8. core i72700k antec 900watt high current game p8z68-v/gen3 gskill 2133mhz ram 2x4gb good cooling as well lots of air being moved i have tried everty driver out there dirver sweep all of that reseated the card to and i got the same results as u in all benchmarks
  9. @clamspajamas, @methix0r,

    Maybe a little to obvious but did you guys connect power line to your radeons?
    I forgot about this once and the result was very poor performance....

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