My PSU makes a tapping noise, but goes within 10-20 mins!

Hey guys!
I own a Evo Labs Silent Modular ATX Power Supply PSU 800W, my PSU started making a clicking noise out of the blue, And it goes after about 10-20 mins.
Any ideas ?
Thanks mick
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  1. I'm cannot find the review or detail of the cpu...

    Does it had fan? check the fan if it spinning fine..

    i'm kinda worried psu not supposed to make clicking sound.. u might wanna consider replace the psu..
  2. Is it a "tapping" or a "clicking" noise?

    For "tap", the only source I can think of is something touching a fan blade. Maybe one of the fan blades has something stuck on it or is out of alignment and is hitting something.

    For "click", the only thing I can think of is the disconnect relay but then your computer would turn off almost immediately as you hear it.
  3. now u mention relay, It makes me remember what hapened three days ago (it car relay actually)

    dying relay sometimes do not off fully keeping it still in state of on off on off. (not totally on state or off state) the device still think the relay is on it drain the whole battery..

    yeah it had those terible clicking sound over and over
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