First timer, PC build for game/photo/video editing

Hello all, I am a newbie in the PC world. I am on a tight budget of around 700 to build a very good gaming PC + video/photo editing, as I am a camera-touting longboarder and a newbie photographer.

So far, I've bought an ASUS M5a97 EVO motherboard + AMD FX-8510.

I am in need of a PSU, graphic card, and RAMs recommendations.

I have a keyboard + mouse, monitor, and 4 hard drives lying around from my Fry's everyday PC, as well as 3 optical drives.

So any suggestions would be great!

thank you all!
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  1. $700 is plenty for the things you need. Where would you like to buy it?
  2. anywhere with a good deal? cheaper would be better
  3. Where do you live? Newegg charges sales tax in California and New Jersey. And it would be usefull if you have a Microcenter near you.
  4. I am from Oregon and I don't think I get charged for sales tax. Um what kinda parts should I get to perform well with my core and mobo?
  5. Good, then we'll just order from Newegg.
    Do you have a case? And are all your hard drives SATA?

    First of all, I recommend getting a SSD:

    With your budget, we can get a very nice PSU:

    Any 8 or 16 GB RAM kit will be good, unless you will overclock. Try this:

    If you need a case, get this:

    You will need to get this video card though:

    If you don't need a case, get this video card instead:

    However, you should upgrade your motherboard when you have the money, because of it's weak chipset (970). I suggest you get a motherboard with a 990FX chipset.
  6. Thanks fpoon I never thought about the chipset. HOw about the GIGABYTE GA-990XA-UD3 AM3+ AMD 990X SATA 6Gb/s USB 3.0 ATX AMD Motherboard
  7. Or any mobo recommendations are also appreciated!
  8. I've never had a good experience with Gigabyte, so I suggest ASrock instead. How much is your budget for another motherboard?
  9. i could always return the ASUS mobo i have now, it's unopened, sitll in the box. I heard newegg has a 15% restocking fee (....) i'll probably return that and get a different one.

    the asus i got was around a 100, so asrock wouldn't be bad. any recommendation fpoon?
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