im looking at buying a new GPU soon, and im unsure what the bast option for me is. i will be running eyefinity at 3840x1024, so 2gb is a must. my budget will be close to (preferably below) $300 US. I had my eye on a HD6950 2GB, but with the release of the 7000 series im unsure, the 7850 looks viable as well, keeping in mind it will only increase in performance with future drivers and potential Over Clocking. i would primarily play games like skyrim, batman Arkham city, CoD, and bf3 and i want to keep a good fps at decent settings, what do?
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  1. What GPU do you have now?

    running at that resolution I can't imagine you have something much weaker than what you want to upgrade to. other system specs would be handy to make a good recommendation.

    all in all, i would get a 7850 over a 6950 for the same reasons you mentioned. but im not convinced it would be much of an upgrade for you. at that res you really would be better with a 7950, but it all depends on if you can save a little longer and get it.
  2. oh sorry, forgot to mention, i currently have an HD4890 1GB and im liking its performance at 1280x1024, but if i can get a higher FPS, i wont be complaining :P (at 3x the resolution)

    amd phenomII x4 955
    4GB DDR3 1600mhz RAM
    320gb sata II hdd
  3. fair enough. a 6950 or 7850 would both be a reasonable increase. and your system would certainly drive it well.

    it depends on pricing really, but i would personally rather have a 7850.
  4. but performance wise how does a 7850 stack up to a 6950? is it more powerful? or less?
  5. here is a comparison between the 7850 and 6950. The 7850 seems to have an edge.
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    The 7850 is on a newer die, runs cooler, quieter, and performs better. It is on par with the GTX 570.
  7. thanks for the replies guys! massive help! i have decided on the 7850 overall and will probably get it early April. big ups to all those who helped :)
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