More Air In Or Out? ( Case Cooling )

Not to sure If i'm in the right place. I figured it would be moved if I wasn't in the right area. Main question is about PC Cooling.

I'm wondering what the best way is to cool your PC components with your fans. Is it better to bring more air in then out? Or exhaust more out out then in? Should it be the same? Bring as much air in as your pulling out? etc. I feel there isn't very much information on this subject and would like to know more.

I've also heard the GTX 690 will exhaust hot air inside the case. So this question is a bit of a concern for me. Thanks in advanced!
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  1. If your case has places for fans

    Front fans blowing in Cooling HDDs pulling cool air in

    Side Fans blowing in Cooling or blowing hot air off or away from your GPU helping the hot air moving up

    CPU push pull setup pushing air into the heat sink then pulling it away, moving the hot air to the back of the case and out the back fan thats pulling hot air out the case.

    Top fan pulling hot air out of the case

    My 2 cents

  2. More air out.

    It'll passively pull in as much air in as is going out.
  3. Two different opinions. This is where I get stuck lol.
  4. There are a few more factors that are involved in positive and negative air pressures. Where your components are placed, how much heat they put out, where your case fans are located, the size of them, and how many Cubic Feet per Minute of air the fans push (also known as CFM)

    Positive air pressure is having more intake than exhaust, and having filters on your intakes will help reduce dust.

    Negative air pressure is more exhaust than intake, and are harder to keep dust free.

    It's a matter of preference as far as positive or negative pressure goes.

    Personally, I own an antec 1200 v3 case. which you can see here:

    Although on the lower exhaust, I have it switched as an intake with my corsair cwch60 liquid cooler, with the stock antec fan, and the fan that comes with the cooler. This allows for better CPU cooling, and doesn't mess up airflow, too much.

    Here is a link with a little more in depth information than what I have to offer.
  5. As of now my case is a HAF 922. Not sure if that helps our not. Every spot that can have a fan has a fan. I'm doing two in and two out. Dual 120MM fans exhaust out the top. Single in the rear.

    Side 200MM intake. 200mm Front intake fan. Does it sound like there is anything I should do to get better performance? Or is this as good as i can make it?
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    you can give this a read . .

    as stated by geek i am a fan, pardon the pun, of REMOVING the hot air. negative pressure will also decrease any likely "dead spots" where hot air may gather in the case.
  7. I also more often then not use negative pressure(Antec 900, 300 ect). blow air out and let the vents intake cool air without a fan.

    This may not be fore everyone(hard drives run a bit warmer because they do not have a fan right by them), but it cut down my number of fans and made things more quiet.

    But them again, my SG05 just has intake and the psu(not much out) so positive pressure and it works fine for that application.

    I see no problem with the way you have your case setup, Those types of cases are about lots of airflow(HAF is High Air Flow after all) and that is what you have.
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